The pictures I make involve people’s interactions with their found and made environments: how they play on the stage. The shapes of light and shadow on facades, figures seen in dramas large and small, the stories revealed by faces; all inspire the seeing of theatricality in the quotidian and the feeling of the daily dance. One wanders, and lets the world reveal its subjects.

I have studied photography and picture-making at the International Center of Photography, with the late photographer, writer, teacher and critic Ben Lifson, as well as with artist, photographer and filmmaker Anja Hitzenberger. My work has been shown at juried exhibitions at the ICP, the Photo Place Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont, the ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, the Minneapolis Photo Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Silos at Sawyer Yards In Houston, Texas, and The Lawndale Art Center, also in Houston. An earlier version of my project “Havana.Miami” was exhibited at the Almanac Gallery in Hoboken, New Jersey.

My pictures are inspired by observation, delight and wonder.