My work has involved the study of people’s interactions with their found and made environments: how they play on the stage. The shapes of light and shadow on facades, figures seen in dramas large and small, the stories hinted at by faces; all inspire the seeing of theatricality in the quotidian and the feeling of the daily dance. My current fascination is playing with the notions of where we enter pictures and how we go ‘round to eventually leaving them. And with hearing pictures as tellers of stories, whose music is not overwhelmed by their lyrics.

I have studied photography at the International Center of Photography, and with the late photographer, writer, critic and teacher Ben Lifson, as well as with artist, filmmaker and photographer Anja Hitzenberger. My work has recently been shown in the juried group shows “The State Of America” at the Photo Place Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont; the exhibition “ Street” at the ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas; and “Eyes Of A Stranger: Street Portraits” at the Minneapolis Photo Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. My photograph “Terlingua Player” was chosen as Best in Show, second place, at the 2018 juried show of work in all media, “Real/Surreal,” at the Sawyer Yards, in the Washington Square Arts District in Houston, Texas.Broadway Corner #2 is to be included in the upcoming Photo Review web exhibition. A number of pictures from an earlier Miami project of mine were exhibited at “Sensory Prelude,” a juried exhibition of former students’ work at the International Center of Photography in New York.

An earlier version of my project “Havana.Miami” was shown in a solo exhibition at The Almanac Gallery in Hoboken. My work has recently been recognized by Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for their catalog purposes and in their annual juried photographic competition, “Home.” Most recently, my work was shown in “The Big Show 2017” — a group show at the Lawndale Art Center, one of the only institutions in Houston that is dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art with an emphasis on work by regional artists.

My “Havana.Miami” project is the product of my ten-year exploration of one of the most significant and colorful sagas in North America. These pictures say something about Cuba’s two stories — about those who have remained behind in Havana, and what those in the diaspora in Miami have made — and are inspired by observation, delight and wonder. A book of my “Havana.Miami” series is in preparation.

A private printing of “Streets of Philadelphia,” a book to leave to my one-year-old grandson against the day he’ll be grown and curious what his birthplace looked like at the time he was born, was completed in 2016.

In the last several years I have made the transition to digital recording, processing and printing. This allows me great creative control, from conceptualization to final print. A desktop processing system replaces the wet darkroom, but the photographic workflow is much the same: determining exposure, contrast, color temperature, dodging and burning, etc. Archival papers of various textures receive the pigment inks of the printer, which combine for the best print quality I’ve been able to achieve, along with a highly stable print, more so than could be previously attained with traditional color print processes. I have a studio in my home in Stowe, Vermont, where I make original prints of my work.

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